1 Prof .of University of Tehran

2 Prof. of University of Tehran

3 Former Graduated student of Natural Resoures Faculty , University of Tehran

4 staff of Desert Research Division, Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands.Tehran.Iran


Desertification process as a great problem affects most of the countries in the world specially developing
countries. This process has a high rate in arid and semi-arid countries such as Iran. The main objective of this
research was to investigate land degradation status and desertification mapping of Kashan area. Different
studies have been carried out in the world in order to assess desertification resulted in production of different
regional models for their application in another region the indices should be re-investigated and adjusted to
local conditions. So in this study, the newest method for assessment and ,mapping of desertification was used.
The method was carried out by European Commission (EC) at the MEDALUS project and booked as ESAs in
1999. All indices of the model were revised before using, and regarding to the region condition these indices for
land degradation were defined as key indices which were: hydrological index, wind erosion and climate index,
and each index has some layers getting from their geometric mean. Method were parameterized and tested for
Kashan area (91383 he) with dry climate. Thematic databases were integrated and elaborated by using a GIS
and its spatial modeling function. Finally by means of all the above mentioned information land degradation
mapping was provided. The area was presented as a present situation map of desertification on area. Among
the total studying area about 29867 ha is, under average class, 3600 ha is high class and 24021 ha is under
very high class desertification