1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran

2 P.hD Student , Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran

3 Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran

4 Expert of International Research Center for Living With Desert , University of Tehran

5 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Kashan

6 MSc Student, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran


The studies conducted on plants grown in Kashan have showed the presence of abundant valuable
industrial - medicinal plants. Unforlunately, a lot of these plants are removed as weed or grazed by livestock
because of Lack of inhabitants' ignorance of their using and mismanagement. -
Perovskia abrotanoides is of Lamiaceae family. The natural habitat of this plant is mostly near waterways, the
beds and borders of seasonal rivers and mountainous ravines, namely the watersheds of south and southeast
of Kashan .It is also seen in the borders of gardens and farms in these areas. This plant is mostly seen at the
elevations 1500 - 2700 m. Its flowers, leaves and stems contain a lot of essence that can be used in medicine
In order to study this plant phytochemically, 6 areas (points) were selected. The average amount of plants'
essence obtained from these 6 investigated areas was 4/5 cc(1/44%) in Ferizhend , 3/8 cc(1/1%)in Abyaneh,
2/8 cc(1/12%) in Chimeh, 219 cc(0/93%) in Ghohroud, 1/9 cc(0/61%) in Totmaj and 2/3 cc(O/74%) in Jahagh.
Moreover determining the amount of existent essence in plant, we proceeded to find four plant materials:
Saponin, Alkaloid, Tannin, Flavanoid. The amount of each material in plant was defined qualitatively in which
the amount of saponin was considerable.