Promotion of the seedling growth (Nitraria scoberi L.) in cultivating trays and seedling bag

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Combat to Desertification Dept., Faculty of Desert Studies, University of Semnan, Iran

2 semnan university

3 Soil and water research institute

4 assistant professor at semnan university


The importance of Nitraria scoberi in many arid and semi-arid biodiversity projects is undeniable. Improving the vegetative properties of this plant is critical to the success of these designs. The present study was designed to achieve the best chemical, biological and mechanical priming treatments to improve the vegetative traits. Experiments were conducted in a completely randomized design in both cultivating tray and seedling bags. Chemical treatments included salicylicacid and gibberellicacid. Biological treatments included Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Bacillus, Flavobacterium and Pseudomonu. The 24 kHz wavelength ultrasonic device was used. In cultivating tray, all traits except for germination percent and shoot length were significantly different. In seedling bag environment, seed Vigor Index, root length, Seedling growth, root fresh weight, Shoot fresh weight, shoot dry weight, leaf fresh weight , leaf dry weight, shoot diameter and number of leaves and root to shoot ratio showed significant difference; There were no significant difference between germination percent, shoot length and root dry weight. Maximum seed vigor index, root length and leaf dry weight in both of environment, and fresh weight of root and shoot, root dry weight, fresh weight and number of leaves in cultivating tray and in seedling bag root to shoot ratio, shoot diameter and seedling growth in salicylic acid treatment 2000 ppm was seen. Azospirillum increased root, shoot and leaf fresh weight, leaf number and shoot dry weight in seedling bag.