Evaluation of Current Desertification Status Based on IMDPA with Emphasis on Climate, Wind Erosion, Water, Soil and Vegetation: Case Study of Bordekhun Region of Boushehr

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran


This study used quantifying factors affecting desertification based on the Iranian model of desertification potential
assessment (IMDPA) to assess the current status of desertification in Bordekhun region, Iran. Bordekhun region has an
area of 214.11 km2 and is located near the city of Daiyer in Boushehr province. First, a working unit map of the region
was selected as the basic map for evaluation of factors and indices of interest. Regional conditions for the five criteria of
climate, wind erosion, water, soil, and vegetation were calculated as essential for the study of desertification intensity. The
scores for the indices were determined using IMDPA; for each index, a map was prepared employing the calculated
weighting. A qualitative map of the criterion was obtained using the geometric mean of indices related to each criterion. A
map of current desertification potential was then created for the study area by combining the layers produced for each
criterion, determining their geometrical means, and classifying the resultant map. Analysis of the study criteria showed
that climate was rated high with a quantitative value of 3.15, wind erosion was high with a value of 2.87, water was
medium with a value of 1.77, soil was high with a value of 2.66, and vegetation was medium with a value of 2.37. The
results showed that of the total area, 49.12% is classified in the high desertification class, 48.9% is in the moderate class
and about 0.99% is not classified. The quantitative value of desertification intensity on the basis of the five criteria for the
entire study area was desertification map (DM) = 1.55, which is indicative of the average desertification intensity in the
region. The study area is located such that it has the potential for severe desertification. Climate was found to be the
dominant criterion and plays an important role in desertification.