An estimation of the temperature of Lut desert using MODIS sensor data


1 Associate professor, Dept.of Physical Geography, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Physical Geograph, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Iran


     Temperature is considered as the basic element of climate and also the environmental limiting factor in LutDesert. In this research, in order to identify the temperature of Lut Desert located in east of central Iran, using remote sensing data, six series of MODIS sensor images related to June 24th & December 23rd 2002, and also January 22nd, March 22nd, June 22nd & September 24th 2003 were employed. The temperature rates have been estimated by using band numbers 31 and 32 with locative separation power of 1000 meters and considering the Sebal algorithm. According to the results of temperature evaluation, the mean for land surface temperature in Lut Desert within the mentioned images at 6 o’clock Grinwich mean time have been; 49.6, 18.2, 22.0, 36.4,55.7 and 54.2 ˚C, respectively. Setting relation between calculated surface temperatures and recorded temperatures by meteorology stations indicated a meaningful correlation at 0.001 level. The rate of calculated determinant coefficients has been ranging from 0.91 to 0.72 per hour. Hence, the linier algorithms within surface soil temperatures of the six studied images and the recorded temperatures through meteorology stations were determined. According to these algorithms, the highest calculated air temperature in the area with respect to images was 49.7 C˚ (at 12:00) in June 22nd 2003 and the lowest 11.5 ˚C (at 03:00) Jan 22nd 2003. The results of this survey indicate that using MODIS sensor images seems to be suitable for estimating the LutDesert temperature as well as temperature in other similar areas.