Investigation of the socio-economic criteria, indicator and indices in desertification


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Undoubtly, land degradation causes apparent decrease of natural resources potential which are highly linked to desertification. Different countries and also international organization have realized a great number of projects to combat desertification. Unfortunately these projects have not reach to their goals. The experiences shows that the reason of these unsuccessful works is lack of consideration on human factors as well as socio-economics issues. To find out the criteria, indicator and indices in desertification, the mentioned factors should be noticed. The importance of socio-economics issues , and establishing a realistic framework based on qualitative indicators and indices, are the main objectives of current research, which are adapted to situation of Iran, They are summarized in four groups and classified items as; population, poverty and economics, rights and institution and socio-cultural criteria.

Key words: Desertification; Human factors; Socio-economics issues; Iran