Criteria of selecting satellite data for studying land resources


1 Professor, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture, University of Lorestan, Iran

3 M.Sc Graduate, Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Iran

4 Faculty member, Institute of Applied Basic Science of Jihad Daneshgahi, Iran

5 Graduate Student, University of Tehran, Iran

6 International Desert Research Center – Kerman Branch, University of Tehran, Iran


In recent years, acquiring information of remote sensing data, especially satellite data has excessively increased and several methods are presented in order to improve the quality of remote sensing studies in earth sciences. It is possible to manage many projects and provide different types of thematic maps in a short period of time, and a low cost by utilizing satellite data and GIS method. Recent researches show that utilizing satellite data in studying natural phenomena can effectively help to reduce the time and cost at the same time maximize the precision. But, many users of these data face confusion at choosing suitable image for their subject and lack a special criterion for that end, Or else they merely take one or two criteria in to account and lack a comprehensive view in choosing the best image. Therefore, defining and analyzing criteria for correct and precise selection of satellite data, in accordance with case-study, is crucial. So, in this article, we investigate the image selection criteria, especially their role in minimizing time, cost and extracting useful data. On the basis of the results, prior to doing of the project, users of these data need to study selection criteria properly. After that, on the basis of these criteria and phenomena under study they should set out to choose sensor type, date of image acquisition, image type, and methods of information extraction. Therefore in research, different practical aspects of satellite images as well as criteria for selecting suitable images are investigated and subsequently information and suitable solutions are provided for users.