Floodplain mapping using HEC-RAS and GIS in semi-arid regions of Iran


1 Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran

2 Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University

3 Natural Resources and Agriculture Research Center



A significant deficiency of most computer models used for stream floodplain analysis is that the locations of structures impacted by floodwaters, such as bridges, roads, and buildings, cannot be effectively compared to the floodplain location. This research presents a straightforward approach for processing output of the HEC-RAS hydraulic model, to enable two- and three dimensional floodplain mapping and analysis in the ArcView. The methodology is applied to a reach of Polasjan River Basin, located in Iran central plateau. A digital terrain model is synthesized from HEC-RAS cross-sectional coordinate data and a digital elevation model of the study area. The resulting surface model provides a good representation of the general landscape and contains additional detail within the stream channel. The results of the research indicate that GIS is an effective tool for floodplain mapping and analysis. . , . ,