The role of resource management and environmental factors in sustainable development


Associate Professor, University of Tehran



The main objective in this article is to study the issue of development and lasting competitiveness and to study its dimensions and also to acquainted with its related components and how to achieve it. In fact, to get acquainted with competitiveness is as a development that would prevent imposition of cultural, Economical, and social and/or environment damages on future generations. In this article a reference has been made to roles and requirements and correct management of resources in safeguarding and protecting environment and aims of technology strategy in lasting and permanent competitiveness has been discussed and analyzed. Finally, strategic approaches conclusion and also its related proposals have been delivered and explained. Since the resources are limited and the needs are increasing in the developing countries, writing the required strategy as a framework for optimized allotting of the resources is necessary for all three types of development. This is a fact that the developing countries demand new needs for the people of these societies due to the weak technology and because the public media demonstrate the new life styles on the one hand and they confront dangerous and critical situations on the other hand. On the one hand the gap between these countries with the developed countries is increasing and on the other hand their facilities are decreasing due to various political, social and economical crises and the shortcoming of the initial resources and energy for growth and development. Therefore, there will remain little opportunities for compensating the weaknesses.