Author = S. Feiznia
Determining Suitable Fingerprinting Properties for Discrimination of Sediment Sources (Case study: Amrovan and Atary Catchments)

Volume 17, Issue 3, December 2012, Pages 255-264


A. Kouhpeima; S. Feiznia; H. Ahmadi; S.A. Asghar Hashemi; H. Ghadimi

Application of Gully and Rill Erosion Indicators for Estimating Soil Loss Using GIS Techniques

Volume 17, Issue 2, December 2012, Pages 119-128


M. Nasri; S. Feiznia; M. Jafari; H. Ahmadi

Investigation of Pedological Criterion on Rangeland Desertification (Case Study: South of Rude-Shoor Watershed)

Volume 17, Issue 3, December 2012, Pages 291-298


M. Karimpour Reihan; S. Feiznia; A. Salehpour Jam; M.K. Kianian

Analysis of sand dunes to determine wind direction and detect sand source sites (case study: Khartooran Erg, Iran)

Volume 12, Issue 1, June 2007, Pages 69-75


N. Mashhadi; H. Ahmadi; M. R. Ekhtesasi; S. Feiznia; G. Feghhi